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Each student will complete both phases of the program in a satisfactory manner in order to receive a passing grade.
Objectives of Driver Education
1.      To promote the safe, efficient, and rewarding use of the automobile.
2.      To foster a strong sense of personal responsibility for traffic conditions and improvements.
3.      To develop pride in high standards of performance and conduct.
4.      To provide the student with attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to become safe motor vehicle operators.
Classroom Rules
1.      All rules, regulations, and guidelines printed in your student handbook will be observed and followed. Students who display any inappropriate behavior, such as fighting or smoking, will see the appropriate authorities of the school and will be dismissed from the Driver Education program.
2.      Everyone is expected to come to class prepared to take written notes and contribute to classroom discussions.
3.      Attendance in both phases of Driver Education is MANDATORY.
4.      The student is expected to:
a.       Listen to and follow directions.
b.      Give a consistent and conscientious effort when completing assignments, work, and required tasks.
c.       Refrain from bothering neighbors in class.
d.      Be responsible for his/her “own” actions and not the actions of others.
e.       Practice techniques of self-discipline and self-control.
f.       Willingly comply with and follow routine procedures without constant reminders to do so.
5.      Rules may be varied only at the discretion of the teacher, based on the individual necessity.
Classroom Phase
The classroom phase enables the student to develop the needed attitudes and knowledge necessary to respond and act within guidelines established by the rest of society.
Classroom Objectives
1.      Learn knowledge concepts
2.      Develop traffic citizenship
3.      Learn traffic laws
Classroom Procedures
During the classroom phase the students will:
1.      Actively participate in classroom discussions
2.      View films and other instructional media
3.      Complete written tests, quizzes, and worksheets
Classroom Grading
1.      The student will be evaluated on the knowledge of readings, classroom discussions, and information presented through multi-media systems.
2.      Less than a 70% will constitute a failing grade.
3.      The final grade will be determined and calculated by the classroom instructor.
Attendance Policy
Nebraska law requires students to spend a minimum of 20 hours in the classroom. Therefore attendance at all class meetings is MANDATORY.
            Make-Up Day Exception
*If a student is forced to miss a class meeting due to an emergency or sickness, the classroom instructor will hold one make-up class at a time determined by the instructor.
*If a student misses more than one class, it is at the discretion of the classroom instructor to determine if the student will be allowed to make-up the time.
*If special arrangements need to be made to accommodate a student, there will be a charge of $40 per hour (in one hour increments).
Any student that does not meet the requirement of 20 hours in the classroom will fail Driver Education and will NOT receive a refund.
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