Sign up students for Driver Education

As you are preparing to sign up students for driver education, we just want to remind you a few changes/requirements. 


*Students who will  be 18 before the class is compleated are NOT eligible to take driver education with us.  We are not certified to teach 18 year old students.


*We have had several questions in regards to teaching students who are 14 years old in schools outside the metro area.  We will teach 14 year old students who are eligible for a school permit.  However, they must either hold a School Learner’s Permit (Type LPE) or a School Permit (Type SCP).  So if a student is 14 and has a permit number from the DMV, they may enroll in Driver Education.  If they do not have a permit number, they must obtain a School Learner’s Permit before we can accept them.   


*Attendance is MANDATORY for all class meetings.  State law requires 20 hours of classroom time.  So it is important when students sign up that they are aware of this policy and can devote the necessary time to the class. 


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