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  This Workshop is Cancelled.
It Starts with Text: Help Students Gain 21st Century Literacy Skills 4-12 (13690)

Literacy skills for the 21st century call for a significant “raising of the bar” in expectations for success in reading for all students. Major shifts to this level of facility with reading focus literacy development on analytical use and understanding of complex text and in gathering evidence from text, as well as a focus on academic vocabulary and the use of informational text to build knowledge. This workshop is designed for teachers in grades 4-12.

Expected Outcomes: Participants will…

• Understand the need to have students read texts at increasingly rigorous levels and provide scaffolding to support all students.
• Learn how to help students increase their comprehension of text in order to build knowledge.
• Learn how to create text-based questions that support student understanding of the text.
• Understand the significant shifts in instruction and learning that are foundational to 21st century literacy skills and helping students become college and career ready.
• Reflect on how current classroom practice reflects the key shifts in literacy instruction and identify areas of focus for change.
• Discuss and identify instructional tools and strategies to use in making the change to a text-based curriculum.

  Location:    Educational Service Unit 3
  Presenter:   Sue Beers
  Workshop Document: Flyer
  Fee: (ESU 3) $49.00  (non ESU 3) $59.00
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