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Contacts By Area

Services Coordinators
  Name   Position Phone
Robyn Vance   Intake Coordinator 402-597-4936
JoDell Phillips   Supervisor, Arlington, DC West 402-597-4950
Gina Long   Papillion LaVista 402-597-4942
Beth Schulz   Papillion LaVista 402-597-4943
Tanya Fletcher   Papillion LaVista, Gretna 402-597-4869
Christine McKinney   Millard, Fort Calhoun 402-597-4948
Amber Washburn   Millard 402-597-4945
Sara Reiff   Millard 402-597-4960
Emily Schlater   Millard 402.-597-4978
Angie Hanes   Bennington, Ralston 402-597-4962
Ann Kavanaugh   Plattsmouth, Conestoga, Louisville, Elmwood Murdock, Weeping Water 402-597-4963
Gina Salberg   Blair, Gretna, Plattsmouth 402-597-4988
Julie Johnson   Gretna, Springfield Platteview 402-597-4860